Adaptive AUTOSAR Workshop

The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform has been described as A New AUTOSAR – but what is it really? What’s under the hood? How does it tick? This seminar will aim to answer these questions – and more! During the workshop you will learn about why the AUTOSAR Consortium started the Adaptive AUTOSAR initiative and how it relates to the existing Classic Platform. You will learn how the platform architecture enables you to create flexible, high-performance applications that address the requirements of the next generation of automotive ECUs. The seminar includes theory, covering the Adaptive Platform’s architecture and methodology, as well as a detailed look at two key components that support communication and execution, all combined with practical steps using the RTA-VRTE Early Access Program software that enables you decide the best solution for your applications.

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Location: Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel, 21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI 48375

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Start Duration
12:00pm 60 mins Registration and Lunch
1:00 pm 15 mins Introduction and Welcome
1:15 pm 45 mins Motivation for the Adaptive Platform

  • Why does the Platform exist?
  • What technical features does the Adaptive Platform have and what are their constraints?
  • How does the platform relate to Classic AUTOSAR?
2:00 pm 45 mins Architecture and Methodology of Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • What are the components of the Platform?
  • How to they fit together?
  • How do you develop applications?
2:45 pm
15 mins Break
3:00 pm 30 mins Execution and State Management

  • How to start (and stop) Adaptive Applications
  • Machine and Function Group State Management
  • Application life cycle
3:30 pm 45 mins Communication Management

  • What are services and what is the service-oriented               architecture of the Adaptive Platform
  • Establishing dynamic communication using Service          Discovery
  • The generation and use of the communication infrastructure Skeleton and Proxy classes
4:15 pm 30 mins Demo

A demonstration of ETAS’ Adaptive Platform solution, RTA-VRTE, including configuration of Execution Management, definition of a service interface, mapping of Service Instances to the network and generation of the communication infrastructure.

4:45 pm 15 mins Questions
5:00 pm 60 mins Social Hour with refreshments

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