New Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink, a handy addition to ETAS EHANDBOOK

Do you have Simulink® software components and would like to use EHANDBOOK interactive documentation? That is now possible with a single click of a button!

The efficient calibration of automotive functions requires a comprehensive understanding of the logical structure and mutual dependencies of the embedded software components.  Because of that, having ECU software documentation that is easy to understand and to handle is essential in modern vehicle projects.

ETAS’ award-winning EHANDBOOK is a smarter approach to handling and extracting relevant information from the usually extensive ECU documentation. EHANDBOOK helps calibrators to better understand the ECU functions, perform calibration tasks faster and debug issues more efficiently.

EHANDBOOK files, called containers, can be generated from ETAS ASCET, C-Code-based and Simulink source codes. Once generated, the containers present information in a user-friendly graphical format, without embedding the software source codes, allowing information to be accessed without the need for software licenses (other than EHANDBOOK).

The EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink is the newest addition to the EHANDBOOK line up. It is an add-on to Simulink that can generate EHANDBOOK containers from Simulink models with a single click of a button.

Figure 1
Figure 1 – Generating EHANDBOOK containers from Simulink

Quickly generate content for EHANDBOOK

The Simulink add-on enables users to quickly convert Simulink models into EHANDBOOK containers as it requires no setup of complex build environments. Users who have access to the Simulink source models can simply create their own containers, without the need to access software build processes and workflows. This usually required coordination efforts between multiple departments in OEM and Tier 1 organizations.

Fully functional containers available with a single click of a button

The interactive documentation derived from the Simulink models supports all EHANDBOOK-Navigator functions, including:

  • Table of Contents with structured entries;
  • Function Overview with interface description;
  • Search index that enables wildcards and real-time filtering search;
  • Highlighting of downstream and upstream dependencies;
  • Connection with INCA and MDA;
  • Displaying calibration data (from A2L+hex/ptp, DCM, CDF);
  • Combining content with other EHANDBOOK containers;
  • Know-how protection;

IP protection included

EHANDBOOK Containers do not include the native models and source codes, only graphical representations of these models. For this reason, no third part licenses (e.g., ASCET or MATLAB®/Simulink®) are required to use EHANDBOOK documentation.

Additionally, when working with the Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink, blocks and functions can be masked out and not included in the generated container. This is particularly useful when software documentation needs to be shared between partners in joint projects and still keep intellectual property protected.

Do you want to try EHANDBOOK with your Simulink models?

We’d love to talk to you about your application and needs.  For more information and evaluations, please contact me!

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