ETAS and BlackBerry Coming Together for Adaptive AUTOSAR

ETAS and BlackBerry recently announced their partnership to cooperatively develop and market a next generation platform for connected and autonomous vehicles.

What does this mean for RTA-VRTE, the Adaptive AUTOSAR solution from ETAS?

The partnership will integrate the BlackBerry QNX real-time operating system and hypervisor and the RTA-VRTE adaptive platform to provide a secure, high-performance platform that can be used as the foundation for the next generation of automotive electrical/electric architectures.

The ETAS adaptive platform is already in use for production projects, with the integrated product combining the real-time OS expertise expertise of BlackBerry with the Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR experience of ETAS. The collaboration between the two companies will deliver a dynamic software development platform for applications such as autonomous driving, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), domain computing, Vehicle to Everything communication (V2X), multi-media applications, and dynamic Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

ETAS and BlackBerry come together for Adaptive AUTOSAR

For more details of RTA-VRTE, Adaptive AUTOSAR, or the associated early access program please contact us here or reach out to your ETAS account manager.

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