No more waiting for HiL Systems

Tired of waiting for available systems? Speed up your development with a HiL solution right on your desk!

How often have you wanted to run a quick test only to find that your HiL systems are not available because they are completely utilized? Is it difficult to schedule lab time? Or, even if there is availability, do you find that the I/O of your full-sized HiL systems is too much to manage for your particular use case?

ETAS has developed a smaller scale HiL solution that can sit right on your desktop and is ready whenever you are. It comes with an open architecture and the perfect cost / performance mix for standard I/O boards or protocols. It lets you perform a focused deployment of new components on the target device on your time schedule.

The solution comes in two different configurations:  The compact base configuration and an expanded version with a few more options, but still desktop-suitable.

Use Cases

  • Restbus simulation
    • Test multi-node, multi-bus CAN networks with Standard and Extended message IDs, PDU Specific addressing, …
    • Test DTC’s using CAN-based protocols like UDS
  • Startup testing of low-level hardware circuits and communication workflows
    • ECU programming and flashing
    • Limited-scope calibration development with extensions to INCA for time-synchronous data collection from the ECU memory and the I/O
  • Test small and medium size electronic control units: Two-Wheeler ECUs,
    • Body/Chassis ECUs, Radar ECUs, VCUs, Gateway Controllers, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Devices
  • Execution of devices with real-time plant models (in-house or 3rd party COTS)
    • GT-Suite, IPG CarMaker, Mechanical Simulation CarSim, MATLAB/Simulink, ASCET, FMI 2.0-Compliant
  • Test Automation Tools via ASAM XiL Compliant APIs:
  • Extend the System with option Compact Failure Insertion Unit
    • Real wiring faults (STB, STG, OC, Pin-to-Pin, Short to Load)


Base Configuration – ready to ship in 4 weeks!



Do you need a few more options?  – Possible expansion concepts


Expanded Configuration


Contact us for more details!

Both configurations have an open architecture that works with third party I/O.  Development and execution license models are available. For more information, contact your ETAS account manager or just send us a note!


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