Introducing the ETAS Podcast: Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software

Connectivity – it’s not just a buzzword. Consumers expect many daily activities and products, from appliances to vehicles, to be integrated into their digital life. Add to that expectations for personalized, automated and electrified features in future mobility and you have the evolution from a vehicle based on hardware to the software-defined vehicle. This means a vehicle that is fully programmable and can be updated quickly and efficiently after it leaves the dealer’s lot. It’s quite a change for automakers, suppliers and consumers.

So, in our first, full-length episode of the Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software  podcast, our host, Eric Cesa, General Manager of ETAS, is joined by Christoph Hartung, President and Chairman of the Board of Management for ETAS GmbH, to give a thorough and interesting overview of the software-defined vehicle. From what it is to how it will impact the industry and the challenges it will create, Eric and Christoph set the stage for future discussions about this revolutionary transition in the automotive industry.

There’s also an introductory episode where Eric provides some background on why we created the podcast and what to expect in future episodes. We’re also interested in your ideas and thoughts for future topic – so please share your feedback.

You can find all episodes on the Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify!

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