MDA V8 – Next Generation Measure Data Analyzer

The Measure Data Analyzer tool from ETAS is a high-performance utility for reviewing, analyzing, and validating recorded measurement data. MDA V8.4 is the latest release, combining exceptionally fast file load times, powerful analysis instruments, and an intuitive user experience. This next-generation tool features a redesigned architecture for streamlined performance and accessible utility. Adding measurement files is as simple as drag-and-drop. Leveraging proprietary algorithms, a file’s complete signal list is available for analysis within a few seconds even for large file sizes (e.g. 10 to 20 GB).

Docking Window Technology

Creating a configuration for analysis begins with a three-panel layout. Completely customizable, the central view features dockable windows for file selection, signal selection, data analysis layers and various tools. A top ribbon provides quick access to basic functions and users can arrange nearly every aspect of the layout to suit their workflow. Early engagement with pilot users and careful incorporation of customer feedback shows in the powerful, yet simple interface. ETAS designed every feature of the tool to shorten the time between opening a file and full analysis of the data.

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The various instruments displaying signal data move independently but the synchronization feature of MDA V8 enables quick alignment of all tools to the exact same timestamp. In this mode, movement of any cursor or time axis dynamically updates all other instruments.

File Type Support

MDA V8 supports the industry standard Measure Data File (MDF) formats V3.x and V4.x with additional support of other typical customer formats. Furthermore, MDA also enables users to define custom formats enabling support of less common, third-party data formats. MDA efficiently handles the native compression of MDF V4.1 measure files, enabling best-in-industry load times for files using this format.

Integration with ETAS Tools

Belonging to the ETAS portfolio, MDA V8 integrates seamlessly with INCA and enables smooth transitions from the measurement and recording interface of an INCA experiment to analysis of the recorded data in MDA. Oscilloscopes shown in INCA carry over to the MDA configuration using the Snapshot feature.

Further integration into the ETAS tool chain is evident in EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR. MDA V8 can now automatically synchronize an instrument’s cursor with the time stamp in an open EHB-NAV session. This behavior enhances the user experience of working with both tools in combination, allowing easier understanding of ECU software functionality and the ability to find potential software issues sooner.

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Installation and Licensing

MDA V8 is available as a standalone installation with a license, but ETAS offers access to MDA V8 at no additional cost to INCA users. It comes bundled with the latest INCA service pack, installing alongside INCA, and is usable with an existing INCA license.

Summary of Major Features and Usage Concepts

  • Fastest tool in market. Opens 73GB file in under 2 seconds.
  • Docking Windows, Ribbon, Keyboard Support, Meaning of ‘Configuration’,
    Error Handling, Customization Possibilities, User Settings
  • Measure File Handling, Export of Measure Data, Time Offset, Textual File Formats
  • Variables & Signals, Definition of Display Name, Calculated Signals, Bit Extraction
  • Overview of Instruments, Time Navigation & Synchronization, Oscilloscope, Scatter Plot, Table, Event List, Statistical Data, GPS Map View

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