Safety and security for developing products that perfectly integrate both… all under one roof

Are you familiar with the German word SICHERHEIT (zee-sha-height)? It’s the term German-speakers use for safety and security… just one word for both concepts.
In North America, we’d like you to think of two synonyms: SAFETY = ETAS, and SECURITY = ESCRYPT… and they always go together.

Why does this matter?

Are you concerned about the growing complexity of implementing your embedded controls software platforms? The challenges coming from electrification and highly autonomous driving will be both exciting and daunting, requiring unprecedented levels of safety and security. You will need an experienced and proven partner to help you thrive in this new automotive environment.

To prepare for these challenges,  you may have several of the following considerations:

  • An AUTOSAR vs. a traditional architecture
  • A Classic vs. Adaptive AUTOSAR platform
  • Higher ASIL levels for advanced functional safety
  • New advanced functions and features
  • Meeting OEM security standards
  • and more…

Fully integrated solutions

ETAS is very familiar with all of these considerations and provides fully integrated solutions to get you started. They include software development and configuration tools, Basic Software stacks, expert consulting & training and even software engineering.

What differentiates ETAS from most other suppliers is that we bring along ESCRYPT, our Cyber Security subsidiary, to round out the portfolio with a full suite of Software Security stacks, tools and services.  Whenever we consider safety, we always think of security as well.

So…with over 25 years of experience as a key supplier of Embedded Control Software Development Solutions to every OEM and nearly all Tiers worldwide, the words we use for Safety and Security are… ETAS and ESCRYPT!

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