All you need is a laptop … and a virtual ECU

The requirements for autonomous driving call for new approaches in many –if not most– areas of software development and system verification and validation. The traditional way of validating software using test vehicles or even HiL test benches simply cannot provide the millions and millions of miles required to validate a system.

Virtualization and simulation are a must for ADAS development

When we at ETAS first started the development of our virtualization and co-simulation platform COSYM a few years ago, we were keenly aware of the upcoming shift in the industry and made sure that COSYM would be ready for the demands and challenges that come along with autonomous driving.

Fast forward into 2020 and everyone agrees that virtualization and simulation are key for the development of higher-level ADAS functions. Our latest version of COSYM supports these ADAS use cases by allowing integration of plant models from various sources (i.e. FMI 2.0), single control functions or even complete virtual ECUs.  Furthermore, COSYM provides sophisticated network simulations for automotive buses and supports deployment and simulation on different computation platforms, locally as well as in the cloud.

One of the unique advantages of our cloud-based solution is that third parties such as tier one suppliers or engineering contractors can be permitted to access the simulation to contribute, integrate and test their artifacts in the (virtual) target environment. Of course, secure access as well as intellectual property protection of each contributing party will be guaranteed.


All you need is – a laptop

Today, COSYM together with our solution for virtual ECUs ISOLAR-EVE, provide all the building blocks necessary to configure a virtual test bench accessible from anywhere in the world – even from your home office. In a project with Robert Bosch, for example, we created a virtual system where a laptop was the only hardware requirement. This system allows engineers to calibrate an engine control unit with the ETAS INCA measurement and calibration software and then execute a simulation which is accurate enough to predict real driving emissions – virtually, from the comfort of your desk, your kitchen island, or … the beach.

In the early phases of COSYM development, we of course had no idea that circumstances would arise to require engineers to work from home for extended periods. These days, COSYM allows us to continue software development without skipping a beat and without having to haul hardware from work to home office. As we return to our office/lab environments, COSYM will help us meet the demands of ADAS development.

If you want to learn more about how to enable virtual development, verification, validation and calibration for your particular use case, please contact us – we’re happy to help!

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